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 Visit the Photo Gallery to see a few of the pictures of designs you can make after learning techniques on the CD's


Autodigitizing  101 - Basics


You start out learning how to set up your work area and use some of the main tools in this video CD. It gives you a great start. I tried to use as many tools as I could to show you how to use them. You'll learn how to set up your work area, save files, use the tools, change your pattern fills, arrange Motifs, put a column and a Motif run around a fill, cut a hole plus more.
The nice thing is you can pause the video and do a step and resume. Also you can play it over and over again until you learn. Also you can save a design as you go along, and then change it into something else.  I am just using the graphics that are in AutoDigitizing, so you can work right along with me. I show you how to access the graphics and ways to save your project so you can work on it later.