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Battenberg Volume 1 CD


3D Wedding Bells - Medium Bell 100x170 Hoop


 3D Star developed by:


      3D and 4D Embroidery

Bernina Designer Plus Vs. 5








Video done in the 4D Professional software.

Screen shots for 3D differences with explanations.


Must have Fabric Decorator

Palette - PEDesign Vs. 6 & 7

MasterWorks Vs. 1.1




3D Large Tree 150 x240 Hoop

Sew 3 Tree designs to cover large air freshener

Flameless Candle

This is Volume I  of a series of Video tutorials showing how to digitize Battenberg Lace. There are many different Battenberg tapes and a multitude of specialty stitches in Battenberg Lace that I will have more tutorials in this type of lace.

In Volume I will teach you how to digitize a 1/4 inch Picot tape which is made after developing your own special motif stitch for this. This tape is not a regular fill. I wanted a tape which is more light weight as Battenberg tape is. With my method it will be a fun and fast way to make this lace tape.

You will also learn  how to make the specialty stitches of Bundle Bars or Cluster stitches along with a sunburst stitch and Sorrento Bars which can be grouped in various ways.

The projects I made in Volume I were of a Christmas theme. Several of the designs are 3 dimensional as the Flameless Candle Covers and the 3D Christmas Ornaments. It was so much fun to decorate these tiny trees, bells and stars.

You can make ornaments out of the single designs by just adding a ribbon to hang them on your Christmas tree. Another use for these designs is to put them on top of colored card stock and give them as Christmas cards. They would also look nice mounted as a picture and then framed to hang on a wall.

You will get my graphics for the Christmas trees with hearts, bells, and stars shown. There is a graphic video which  shows you how to made your own Battenberg graphics using Paint Shop Pro vs.7. Also I have added a video for PSP Photo X2 for those who have newer versions of PSP. Then you can make other designs besides the ones shown in these pictures.

I hold each person who uses a flameless candle to be responsible for the safety of the various one you may use. You will need to check to make sure the bulb does not get hot and there are no safety hazards in the type you choose. Also if you choose a Flameless Candle which is also an air freshener, then make sure you and others you may give these as gifts to are not allergic to the particular scent. I cannot be held accountable for any problems that could possibly develop. If you are unsure - then don't use one.

3D Medium Bell 100x170 Hoop

Sew 5 bells to cover large air freshener Flameless Candle above

Also have a graphic small bell for 100x100 Hoop

Medium Tree for 100x170 Hoop

Sew 4 designs to cover small air freshener Flameless Candle

Sew 5 designs to cover a large air freshener Flameless Candle

!00x100 Hoop

Sew 3-4 stars together to make 3 Dimensional

100x100 Hoop

Sew 3-4 stars together

100 x170 Hoop

Sew 4 bells together for  3Dimensional Ornament, or to cover the small air freshener Flameless Candle

Made in 150 x240 Hoop

Sew 3 trees together to cover this type of

Flameless Candle

Made in 150x240 Hoop

100x100 Hoop

Takes 10 stars to cover a large air freshener Flameless Candle

Made in 150x240 Hoop

100 x 170 Hoop


100 x 100 Hoop



100 x170 Hoop


2 Bells sewn together on Tulle     Potpourri inside