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Lace Daisy Insert

CD Video Tutorial


Embird Daisy Insert

3D Embroidery

Palette - PEDesign Vs. 6 & 7


$20 $20 $20 $20


Autodigitizing by Inspira

Bernina Designer Plus Vs. 5

Babylock's Masterworks

$20 $20 $20  

Learn to digitize this beautiful Daisy Lace Insert. It would look so pretty on a wedding gown or on a V- neck blouse front. You will be shown how to digitize in a solid color and in multicolor for lace.

By the time you get done with this video you will know details about working with the columns and feathering for blending effects. Also you are shown how to make it easier by copy, paste, and rotate techniques

In Embird: You will learn about the different Envelopes and their effects, the Max. Random  Broadening feature, Strips and Gradients. These techniques are wonderful for shading, feathering, fur and blending colors for flowers.

In 3D Embroidery: You will learn the easy way to be able to put your objects in correct order right in 3D Digitizing.

In Palette-PEDesign Vs. 6 & 7:  Learn how to make easy sturdy underlayment with the different fills which the software has.

In Generations:  You will learn to make your own Patterned fills.

In Autodigitizing:  You learn to make your own candlewick motif.

In Bernina: It is so easy to make this design using Bernina's Wreath tool. You also will learn how to alter the Fancy fills.

Masterworks: You will learn to make your own candlewick fill which you can size and build in extra security. Learn how to edit columns and fancy fills.

You are also shown how to make special  decorative  securing techniques.  This is FSL, so special techniques must be used to make it secure.

Graphic for this lace insert is included.