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Digitize   Snowflakes





Palette - PEDesign Vs. 6 & 7

3D & 4D Embroidery


Embird 2008 Studio 5 Bld 8.1


Generations Vs. 1.5.3


Bernina DeSigner Plus Vs. 5




You will learn to digitize four different styles of FSL snowflakes to get you started. You will also learn to draw many more types using PSP Vs. 7. I have also included videos for PSP PhotoX2 so those who have higher versions of PSP will know where to find there tools.

The top left pictured snowflake is made with it's own attached hanger which can be included or left out.

The top right snowflake is an elegant looking snowflake which has many candlewicks used and a new type of FSL fill which I show you how to make.

The snowflake to the near left shows you a grid snowflake which has other designs on top of it.

The snowflake to the near right has a dangling snowflake within the snowflake. The inner snowflake hangs freely inside.

The pictures directly below will show you how you can also use these snowflakes to create doilies. The snowflakes are hexagons so can be built up by putting them together to make dresser scarves and even tablecloths.

At the very bottom are pictures of the sewn out snowflakes.