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Wouldn't Grandma / Great Grandma be amazed with how we can now do tatting by machine! In this CD Video I show you how to digitize for Tatted Lace designs.

This is not the typical satin stitching that many call tatting. I do show you the satin stitching also, just in case you want a very smooth look to your tatting.

 Real Tatting  has the satin stitching more separated than a regular satin column. Tatting is a series of knots, so this was the look I wanted to duplicate rather than a satin column look.

I wanted a stitch which looked like the real hand tatting which seemed to have little connecting  loops above the satin separated-looking stitches. I show you several different styles of making the Tatting Picots and Tatting bases in this video. This way you can choose the one that looks like the most realistic tatting to you. As a fringe benefit I also show you how to digitize a tassel.

You will learn to digitize six different tatted designs, step by step. You can put some of these designs together and create doilies, placemats, etc. The designs stitch out so nicely and fast.

See the pictures of real test sewn designs below to get an idea of how these designs turn out. The only pictures which are not real test sewn designs are the two bottom doily pictures which show how the individual designs can be combined to make doilies or edgings.