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 Visit the Photo Gallery to see a few of the pictures of designs you can make after learning techniques on the CD's





This Filet Crochet Video tutorial is done with the Bernina DesignerPlus Vs. 5 software. This CD video tutorial demonstrates how to digitize lace that looks like real Filet Crochet. This is the type of lace you see those beautiful lacy curtains made out of. The type of delicate curtains that are very costly, but are so beautiful! This type of crochet is also used for doilies, clothing, lace edgings and inserts which have the material cut out under the insert. There are so many possibilities of how to use this lace. This lace is Free Standing Lace and is embroidered on water soluble stabilizer. Please look at pictures of actual sew outs of this type of lace in the Photo Gallery.

 I spend time to show you how to develop the patterns for this type of work in several different ways using several options for working with graphics using Paint Shop Pro vs. 7. The making of the graphic patterns for Filet Crochet is very fun!

Then you will learn how to create the unique Filet Crochet stitches. With the duplicate process in the Bernina software it goes so easily to create Filet Crochet! Also you will learn to create a template so your stitch properties are set up for you. Then you won't have to keep going into the properties to set your stitching preferences. I empathize ways to have a design be stable enough to be washed, as we would want to wash these curtains and doilies. Also stressed is the importance of a good sewout with as low stitch count as possible to keep the design looking delicate and authentic looking as  Filet Crochet is meant to be. Using the Building blocks is an advantage which makes construction much easier.

Techniques are demonstrated to make  Filet Crochet scalloped edgings, edging corners, and lace inserts .Also included is a way to develop an automatic connection stitch for this type of crochet stitch.

You will receive several graphics and pre-made grids to get you started. Plus you receive a couple of free designs ready to sew out! Similar designs others are charging more than the price of this entire CD!