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Embird Dingbat Insert
CD  Video Tutorial


The design is pictured in the background of this page. This lace insert would be perfect for a V neck shirt. Learn to make this lace insert using Dingbat Fonts. You will first make the" Lace Elements" out of Dingbats or designs you have drawn. This way you can later use your individual lace elements in other designs. Then we combine the Lace Elements for this design.

This design was done using Windows Wingding Fonts. I chose this font so all could use it. There are prettier Dingbat Fonts you can download from the Internet for lace. You will learn much about how to digitize these Dingbats so they will be suitable for lace. This is FSL, so they need to be make in a special way.

We get into the details of the inner construction so each part of a lace element sews out exactly as you want it to. You will be shown both how to use Embird's Font Engine plus how to digitize the dingbats manually for those who do not have Font Engine.

There is a section using PSP vs.7 where we also work will the Dingbats to alter these shapes and more.

You will learn the easiest way to do satin columns and learn different ways to digitize these. Also you will be taught about pathing, and  techniques to give your lace good support.