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 Crochet Doilies

 Generations 1.5
 Video CD Tutorial



This CD video tutorial is jam packed with how to make your graphics for doilies using PSP Vs. 7. It includes several different ways of designing  various styles of doilies. It also includes several graphic templates already measured out to fit together for construction for the different doilies for those who want to jump right in and get started right away.

 I show you how to digitize different styles of doilies. You are also shown how to digitize 3 dimensional flowers and edgings to use on the doilies. My crochet techniques show you how to digitize a delicate, yet very sturdy hand made look of crocheting. This is the kind that our grandmothers use to have which was done was done with the fine crochet cotton thread. These look hand made! There is something very special we use to get this effect. You will be amazed as I show you how you can take almost any shape and make it look like it was crocheted.

To prepare for  developing the crochet technique, I spent much time doing actual hand crocheting to learn what I used to know years ago about the construction of crochet and how different stitches are made. From this I believe we can almost duplicate most of these stitches and follow any pattern to made very close to the hand made designs.

I show you how to use a variety of tools in Generations to do these techniques. There is a section  to make Crochet Motifs and edgings.