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Free-Standing Lace

Generations 1.4
Video CD Tutorial


This video CD demonstrates how to develop the perfect grid and how to digitize your lace so it is secure and stitches out smoothly. It also teaches you other faster ways to develop

 various different grids and lacy fills.After you learn about grids I show you several different Free Standing Lace projects and the different effects you can create.


 You will learn how to use Dingbat fonts and line art as outlines and patterns. .Some of the projects are: Towel Toppers, Ornaments, Coasters ,Bowls, and Jewelry to name a few. You will also receive many extras as; templates for projects, graphic shapes to use, guidelines for stabilizer, Angles for grids, list of Dingbat Font Sites, plus a free pattern.


  As an extra I demonstrate how to develop your own motifs and building blocks with underlayment which will be stable for FSL.