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 Visit the Photo Gallery to see a few of the pictures of designs you can make after learning techniques on the CD's



This Free Standing Lace Video tutorial is done with the Masterworks Vs. 1.1 software. I show you how to digitize both manual and auto grids for FSL. One of the automatic methods gives a very pretty unique lacy fill. I teach you make your grids sew out smoothly, securely and how to eliminate jump stitches. I educate you with the principles to make very stable lace which holds together. Then I show you how to vary the look of your grids to get unique lacy looks.

I also go into depth showing you how to make your own  running line & satin stitch motifs. I show you tricks to get them to stitch out the way you want them to. The scallop on the FSL bird and coaster (Shown above on the CD  label)  use a border motif run which I show you how to make and easily use from a motif we develop. You will also learn how to make lattice and how to stabilize regular fills to be free-standing. Methods for making jewelry are included.

 I show you how to digitize several different Free Standing Lace projects and the different effects you can create.  Some of the projects are: Towel Toppers, Ornaments, Coasters, Bowls, and Jewelry  to name a few. You will also receive many extras as; templates for projects, graphic shapes to use, guidelines for stabilizer, Angles for grids, list of Dingbat Font Sites, plus  free patterns.

* See the Photo Gallery in this website to view pictures of some of the projects which were made using  the priniciples of FSL which you learn on this CD.