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Palette-PEDesign FSL CD



This Free Standing Lace tutorial is done with the Palette/ PEDesign Vs. 6 & 7 software. I show you how to digitize both manual and auto grids for the bases of FSL. I teach you make your grids sew out smoothly, securely and how to eliminate jump stitches. I educate you with the principles to make very stable lace which holds together. Then I show you how to vary the look of your grids to get unique lacy looks.

I also cover much in your own development of regular and satin formed motifs to use in your lace. There are some tricks to get some automatic underlayment which you will learn in the CD. This is very helpful for the Vs. 6 users who do not have this option for satin stitches. I show you the differences between Vs. 6 and Vs. 7 in creating lace designs

 I show you several different Free Standing Lace projects and the different effects you can create. You will learn how to use Dingbat fonts as lacy elements and patterns for lace designs

Some of the projects are: Towel Toppers, Ornaments, Coasters, Bowls, and Jewelry  to name a few. You will also receive many extras as; templates for projects, graphic shapes to use, guidelines for stabilizer, Angles for grids, list of Dingbat Font Sites, plus a free pattern.





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